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 Forza 4 Wishlist!

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Forza 4 Wishlist! Empty
PostSubject: Forza 4 Wishlist!   Forza 4 Wishlist! Empty26/6/2011, 11:39 pm

Ok, my question is simple.......... what would you like to see in Forza 4?

For me, i would love to see more real world tracks (such as Spa, Monaco, Valencia F1 Circuit, Brands Hatch), Wet races............ i just hope that they haven't focused on the Kinect integration too much so we get Forza 3.5! Very Happy

Forza 4 Wishlist! Chris013
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PostSubject: Re: Forza 4 Wishlist!   Forza 4 Wishlist! Empty29/6/2011, 9:58 am

For those with Kinect Chris, menu navigation will be loads better - it's all voice driven you just tell it where you wanna go and it saves and moves straight there, nice touch I thought - and I'm not gonna be interested in Kinect one bit tbh.

Tracks deffo, I agree with your choice, though would add some we don't have in our other titles though. Watkins Glen in a 1950/60 Lotus F1 car would be cool. I used to drive Indycar Sims many years ago, they have some awesome street tracks, amazing. I'd love to see one.

Turn 10 have hinted on 4 being different to 3, with regards to vehicle types - or classes. No details yet though, and I know what I'm saying jumps on GT5's back etc, but I'd love to see different classes. Still keep road cars in sure, but Rally, Rallycross, Trucks.

On the back of that I'd love to see changing road surfaces too. Forest tracks, gravel, snow etc - much like we've got in Dirt 3. I know Forza does other stuff for painters and modders, and that's cool. But why just have the odd race car and mainly road cars now. It would be a better package in my mind than Grid was, just because it'll have Forza handling - which we know has been tweaked.

I want to be able to build my own WRC replica car, if I can't buy one within the game. Full widebody shell, bulging arches, etc. A larger selection of kits, and for all cars, more wheel choice too.

Tools to make offline TTC's amongst clans easier. I also would like full weather, and it doesn't matter about it changing mid-race, but rain, fog, snow, ice. Proper samples for all cars too. The ability to watch a TV replay for the whole lap, not it keep changing camera angles in the replay. I'd like that in every title tbh. Allow designs on the windows too.

That's it for starters!

Very Happy

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Forza 4 Wishlist! Wain210

Forza 4 Wishlist!

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