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 UK OXM Preview

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UK OXM Preview Empty
PostSubject: UK OXM Preview   UK OXM Preview Empty8/7/2011, 7:25 am

Got the new OXM Mag today and i've just read through the Forza 4 section and it was quite interesting........ one part in particular grabbed my attention:

"Theres also a true hardcore sim mode now, that removes assistance that even Forza 3 hid from players - hopefully the days of powersliding a LeMans prototype around the Dunlop Curves will be banished by this nutters-only option.

In general the handling should be more plausible thanks to a data-sharing agreement with F1 tyre supplier Pirelli."

Really like the sound of this, theres more about the TopGear influence etc which sounds cool too!

All in all, i can't wait! bounce

UK OXM Preview Chris013
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PostSubject: Re: UK OXM Preview   UK OXM Preview Empty8/7/2011, 10:15 am

Nice find Chris, I can't wait to see who all the manufacturers are, as they've risen from about 50 to 80! Never thought I'd see the day, but it looks like surpassing GT5 the way it's going.

Certainly Kaz will have a much harder struggle now getting GT fans to adopt the next version he completes. I also wonder, just exactly what they've done with the legacy cars - as the model now has more poly's. I still can't help but feel good about GT5, as he has single-handed helped shape driving titles in one way, shape or form for a while.

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UK OXM Preview Wain210

UK OXM Preview

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