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 Malaysian GP.....

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Posts : 437
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Location : Essex

PostSubject: Malaysian GP.....   26/3/2013, 6:07 am

Anyone else watch this!? What a bag of crap.

Vettel is in trouble with his team for racing!? You know, what he is payed a bucket load of money to do!? Such a load of bull...... And as much as I like Hamilton, he should never have been on that podium. Which, credit to him, he admits.

What happened to the days when racing was racing..... A fight to the chequered flag, fastest man wins!?

IMO, Vettel did the right thing...... He was the faster man at the time so he took his shot.

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PostSubject: Re: Malaysian GP.....   26/3/2013, 6:37 am

Sorry chris your wrong mate webber turn the fuel mix down which In turns turns the power down that was team orders and the German was to selfish to listen he should be banned for the next race for his big ego


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PostSubject: Re: Malaysian GP.....   26/3/2013, 9:15 pm

Sack him, if you work for someone you need to do as you are told, he is too big for his boots. A bit the same as Schumacher was in his day. Rosberg wanted to pass hamilton as he was faster to possibly catch the redbulls? but braun said no and thats what Rosberg did, stayed in 4th. The 2nd race in the season and team orders- not acceptable. It makes it crap for the fans.

I have a downer about sky at the moment- My local footy team are meant to be on sky over easter, which meant that extra policing had do be put in place, ( dunno why, they only kick a ball about and fall over ) anyway the team disputed it saying that they couldnt do it - financial,shortages- cant remember but basically the team was told they would be docked 3 points if they did not agree to show on Sky as there is some agreement between sky and the football league ( championship )that states summat like each team should be televised in the season.

I watch rugby league on sky- they talk so much rubbish on there it annoys me to watch the build up and the commentary is worse- biased.

Back onto F1 tho, the introduction of the wing and power boost is a joke tbh IMHO. Passing should be driver skill not an unfair advantage to the person that is overtaking. It makes it more enterftaining to the fans- ******!

Wonder if it was some sort of thing to try and get Sky interested to take over from the BBC - more money.

Rant over


Posts : 437
Join date : 2011-04-27
Age : 33
Location : Essex

PostSubject: Re: Malaysian GP.....   27/3/2013, 10:09 pm

Sorry but i will never agree with any of it..... i think team orders kill the sport.

If a driver wants to win then earn that win, dont just let expect your team to gift it to you via team orders.

Same thing happened with Colin McRae..... he was told to back off and let his team mate win but he basically told them to get lost and went flat out..... just the way it should be.

Glad the bikes return soon, proper racing between real racers.

Feel free to add me on XBL - Acolyte N5
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PostSubject: Re: Malaysian GP.....   


Malaysian GP.....

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